Record Information
Created at2020-06-30 00:08:31 UTC
Updated at2020-12-09 19:21:23 UTC
Cultivar IDSTRAIN0114
Secondary Accession NumbersNot Available
Cannabis Cultivar Identification
Common NameBohdi Tree
Cultivar TypeNot Available
DescriptionBodhi Tree, also referred to as the “Tree of Life,” is a sativa dominant hybrid cultivar obtained from a cross of the cultivars Jack Herer and Temple. Bodhi Tree gets its name from the notion of the multitude of conditions it is believed to be effective for. Its effects are characterized by a slightly energetic lift of happiness and creativity, with a feeling of euphoria and excitement. As time passes, a warm feeling takes over, spreading energy throughout the entire body along with a feeling of ease. These relaxing effects coupled with its 14.77% average THC level make Bodhi Tree to be recommended for the treatment of conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, depression, nausea, chronic pain, and muscle spasms or cramps. Bhodi Tree has a classic zesty flavor of sweet lemon with touches of herbs and spices, much like a lemon green tea. The aroma is very grassy and earthy but with a slight lemony zest to it. Bodhi Tree buds are forest green, large and lumpy tree-shaped with bright orange hairs and small clear crystal trichomes.
Cultivar Compound Association
Cannabigerol CDB000003 Detected and Quantified0.8 +/- 0 mg/g dry wt details
Cannabichromene CDB000007 Detected and Quantified0.5 +/- 0 mg/g dry wt details
Cannabidiol CDB000002 Detected and Quantified0.2 +/- 0 mg/g dry wt details
Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol CDB000001 Detected and Quantified38.3 +/- 15.5 mg/g dry wt details
Delta-9-tetrhydrocannabivarin CDB000021 Detected and Quantified0.2 +/- 0 mg/g dry wt details
Delta-9-cis-tetrahydrocannabinol CDB000038 Detected and Quantified38.3 +/- 15.5 mg/g dry wt details
General ReferencesNot Available