Record Information
Created at2020-06-30 00:08:29 UTC
Updated at2020-08-31 15:50:32 UTC
Cultivar IDSTRAIN0004
Secondary Accession NumbersNot Available
Cannabis Cultivar Identification
Common NameAdonis
Cultivar TypeHybrid
DescriptionAdonis is a Cannabis indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) created through crossing the The White cultivar with the Green Ribbon B X strains. It has a moderate 14-18% average THC level. Adonis may be an effective alternative therapy to treat those suffering from conditions such as depression, chronic fatigue, mood swings, chronic stress, and appetite loss or nausea. The cultivar is known to have a sweet fruity flavor with a pungent skunky aroma. Adonis buds have a small fluffy rounded olive green character with blue undertones, orange hairs, and a coating of bright white crystal trichomes.
Cultivar Compound Association
beta-Caryophyllene CDB000078 Detected and Quantified4.516 mg/g dry wt details
Guaiol CDB000079 Detected and Quantified0.081 mg/g dry wt details
Linalool CDB000089 Detected and Quantified1.509 mg/g dry wt details
Camphene CDB000099 Detected and Quantified0.109 mg/g dry wt details
Humulene CDB000102 Detected and Quantified1.247 mg/g dry wt details
alpha-Bisabolol CDB000119 Detected and Quantified0.834 mg/g dry wt details
beta-Pinene CDB000201 Detected and Quantified0.721 mg/g dry wt details
α-pinene CDB000300 Detected and Quantified0.387 mg/g dry wt details
(±)-trans-Nerolidol CDB000351 Detected and Quantified0.512 mg/g dry wt details
(+)-nerolidol CDB000483 Detected and Quantified0.512 mg/g dry wt details
beta-Myrcene CDB000573 Detected and Quantified1.003 mg/g dry wt details
(-)-α-Pinene CDB005272 Detected and Quantified0.387 mg/g dry wt details
(-)-β-Pinene CDB005273 Detected and Quantified0.721 mg/g dry wt details
Cannabigerol CDB000003 Detected and Quantified7.220 mg/g dry wt details
Cannabichromene CDB000007 Detected and Quantified3.100 mg/g dry wt details
Cannabidiol CDB000002 Detected and Quantified0.399 mg/g dry wt details
Delta-9-tetrhydrocannabivarin CDB000021 Detected and Quantified11.100 mg/g dry wt details
Cannabinol CDB000029 Detected and Quantified0.790 mg/g dry wt details
Delta-9-cis-tetrahydrocannabinol CDB000038 Detected and Quantified205.000 mg/g dry wt details
General ReferencesNot Available